Taranaki Community News is completely volunteer based and because of that we don’t send reporters out to interview you. Instead, our qualified volunteer reporters supply us with whatever tickles their fancy, and whenever they have some spare time.

However, because we care about showcasing the great things in our community, we like to encourage community groups to supply us with quality content they have created themselves.

So, instead of asking us to come and interview you, please feel free to whip up a little press release and send it and a few photos our way.

If your supplied content is a lovely newsworthy story, isn’t just an advert, and it fits in with our ethos, we set about editing it and running our journalistic talents over it. Once it’s ready we share it out on our platform.

P.S: We are working on a press release template for community groups, but in the mean time, The Guardian wrote a great How To piece on Press releases. It really is as simple as an intro, the body, and including a few quotes. Here’s the link:

Kind regards,
Taryn Utiger
Volunteer Editor


If you have content you have created that you think would be a good fit for Taranaki Community News then please get in touch with us on

We’ll consider columns, photo galleries, opinion pieces, creative content, vlogs and more.