Taranaki Community News is a volunteer-run news website where people can read about the wonderful things happening in Taranaki, and where community groups can send their news and have it seen by an online audience.

Run by qualified journalists, Taranaki Community News offers positive and engaging stories about our region, acts as a platform for people to share their stories, and is a place where the community can be involved in providing the news. 

Our content is provided from a group of volunteers, who are either qualified journalists or who have an absolute love of writing. They supply content about the charities they love, the organisations they are involved with and the Taranaki people they know who are doing awesome things. It may only be a story every few months, it could be a Q&A here and there, it might be a regular column, and it could even be a video. Whatever it is, it is a gift to the community of Taranaki and we are extremely grateful for it.

Because we are all volunteers and we can’t possibly do this full time, we also accept supplied content that is of a high quality and that aligns with our ethos. In doing this we hope to enable people, groups and organisations to contribute to the news they want to read, and empower people to produce their own content. That content is of course moderated by qualified journalists to ensure it is engaging, informative, inspiring and relevant. 

We encourage you to share your content with us, and then we can share it with Taranaki.

Taranaki Community News is a wonderful asset for our region. However, it will only continue to work if you do – so please share your stories about your community with us, and then make sure you share them out to your networks once they are live on the website.

To pitch us story ideas, to send us media releases, or to request a theatre or music review simply email us on taranakicommunitynews@gmail.com.

Taranaki Community News was founded in 2019 by Taryn Utiger – a qualified multi-media journalist.