Welcome to New Dad @ WOMAD

For more than 10 years, Martin Quicke has loved everything about WOMAD – the music, the food, the beer and especially his glitter beards. This year he’s experiencing a new side of his favourite festival, as he’s bringing his 13-month-old son along.
Welcome to his 2020 festival experience: New Dad @ WOMAD.

Amidst the Covid-19 chaos, the rapidly dwindling summer,  and the slow dawning of realisation that we are quickly heading towards that loooooong stretch between public holidays (nothing between Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day?! Whose idea was that?) there remains one enormous beacon of light and joy on the horizon.

WOMAD 2020. Those glorious three days of outrageous colour, aromas, sights and sounds. The highlight of the event calendar in Taranaki’s glistening crown of attractions.

What better way to spend those last lazy, hazy days of summer than by hoeing in to a delicious Hungarian fried bread whilst listening to an array of top class international acts, all while watching the beautiful people weaving their way through the cacophony of colours? 

WOMAD has been the highlight of my year since I first attended back in 2009. Every year I count down the days and plan my course through the weekend, pouring over the artist information and schedules. (With plenty of time thrown in for sampling the amazing food and perusing the array of stalls and shops)

Martin and his 13-month-old son, Ira.
Credit: Hannah Dodd

This year, however things are going to be a bit different. With a 13-month-old son in tow, it’s time for New Dad @ WOMAD to navigate his way through the weekend as a father! Less time in the beer tent, more time in the Kids Zone, but still the same amount of Hungarian fried bread… I just might have to share it. 

WOMAD is a family event, children under the age of 12 have free entry, I am excited to begin my WOMAD journey as a family man and to explore a new side to my favourite festival.

Martin, Ira and Hannah are sharing their 2020 festival experience with Taranaki Community News in New Dad @ WOMAD