Belgium fairy anarchists bring mullets, music and madness to Womad

KermesZ à l’Est look like intellectual punks and fairy anarchists rolled into one. Reporter Taryn Utiger caught up with megaphonist Maxime Tirtiaux ahead of their supercharged and high energy performance at WOMAD NZ.

Hi Maxime! Thanks for chatting with us. So, important question here – if you could throw a dinner party and invite any three people from history, who would pick and what would you get up to?
Tough question. I’m pretty sure that Captain Drake, Count Dracula and Billy the Kid have enjoyable adventures to storytell each other. I’d serve much wine.

But if I have to host the guests at home then I’d rather go for Django Reinhardt, Chopin and Coltrane for an unlikely music jam.

What’s the superpower you want most in the world? (And what would you do with it?)
I wish I was musician, and that would allow me travel around the world and play concerts.  That’d be fun. And I’d like some glasses to see people naked too.

For anyone who hasn’t discovered your awesomeness yet, what will your WOMAD performances be like?
A unique fusion beween balkanik music and metal, rock, electro, jazz; played on an acoustic set by 8 handsome musicians dressed in leather. A sweaty set of power and music ! Oh and some homemade props inspired by freak shows, belgian beer and stuffed animals.

Expect a job that is worth doing 12,000km.

And what will you be up to at WOMAD when you’re not on stage?
Before: I guess, running around to gather at the same time the musicians and the equipment required for the show.

After, we never know in which dimension we finally find ourselves. Being at the opposite of the globe we’ll probably try to manage the inside-outness its represents. Much fun to come. 

What event or story in your life would make a great movie?
I’m sure that if anyone would catch on cam what’s going on while we are touring, that’d make the box office explode. So much fun, happiness and joy of living, molted into crazyness, humor,  brotherhood, neverending parties; alongside with the amazing soundtrack that we create live, playing the unique melodies of the balkans and rythms of the world with this dream-team of musicians. For the more playful details I’ll keep that secret. We are delighted to come to NZ and we look forward to meet the audience before-during & after the show!

You can follow KermesZ à l’Est on Facebook, visit their website, or catch them live at Womad NZ from March 13 to 15, 2020.