Ed Pool releases debut single

Taranaki’s freshest techno-jazz duo have released their first single.

One Olive is the very first single release by the Swiss-born Aotearoa-dwelling techno jazz duo Ed Pool, which brings together multi-instrumentalists Andre Manella and Urs Signer.

The pair both grew up in Switzerland – about an hour’s train ride apart, but didn’t meet until about 10 years ago, Manella says.

“We met in Taranaki, probably about 10 years ago, as part of the bubbling muso-scene in New Plymouth.”

The pair have jammed together on and off over the years, but Ed Pool is their first collaborative project, Manella says.

“It combines our shared passion for electronic live music. We call it techno-jazz – dance-music that is created on the spot through improvisation on stage.”

Signer says the pair love gigging together and a packed venue with everyone showing off their epic dance moves is a real buzz.

“While the world is a grim place at times, dancing and music have got to be some some of the best rongoa we know,” Signer says.

The pair both enjoy the creative process of collaboration and the songs usually start out with a good old jam session.

“From there, we develop ideas further and turn them into a lose structure that gives a framework for creative expression,” Signer says.

“Through improvisation and solos we take the ideas into new directions during gigs and adapt and change constantly.

“As for the name: if track one is Olive, track two might be Taro or Tamarillo. We are still deciding. But track four will be Feijoa.”