REVIEW: Limbo Up Close an astonishing, inspired and must-see show

There are two things you need to know about LIMBO Up Close at Spiegel Fest.

Firstly, no matter how hard you try, you will never be as cool as this incredible troupe of performers. Never.


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LIMBO Up Close
November 26 – December 1
Spiegel Fest

A packed house greeted the international cast of multi-talented, multi-dimensional performers. Ethereal music and a few wisps of mist began to creep into audience, sitting in close quarters to the thrust stage showcasing the adaptability of the Spiegeltent as a performance space. The usual array of delicious pizzas and drinks passed along the aisles as the anticipation built.

And then, the tsunami of sound, light and action swept over us. A wild mixture of cabaret, acrobatics, music, dance and circus. Raucous and rambunctious, sirens blaring and harmonicas blasting out energetic tunes, sweeping everybody up in the wash. The party was in full swing from the moment the lights went down and it never let up until the final bow.

Everything about the performance was pin point perfect and polished; from the perfectly designed costumes, brilliant whites with gorgeous yet subtle highlights, a red scarf, an ornate silver belt buckle catching the light, to the brilliant soundscapes created with everything from plastic water bottles, to glass bowls and marbles.

Under the inspired and expert direction of Scott Maidment every tiny detail was cleverly thought out and nothing ever seemed over the top or unnecessary, quite an achievement when halfway into the performance people are swinging around the room by their hair.

The music expertly and beautifully created by New York’s Sxip Shirey is equal parts energetic and ethereal. From fast paced beat boxing and “Feel it in your chest” bass heavy kicks, to thoughtful, whimsical melodies, the musical accompaniment adds just another layer of exceptional art to this crazy, maddeningly entertaining spectacle. Think Kora meets Fat Freddys Drop meets The Correspondents.

Even more impressive is when the performers ditch the tap shoes and flames for guitars and microphones. This incredible collection of artists really can do it all and do it all with ease. Each performer oozes talent and they are effortlessly cool. They flirt with the audience, both literally and figuratively, sexy and suave they saunter down the aisles toying with people who can barely believe what they are seeing.

Meanwhile, as we are distracted by another mind blowing feat another performer emerges from the audience to take the stage as another surge carries us yet further away from our mundane Tuesday routine.

Beautiful people, stunning costumes, brilliant lighting, exceptional sound and music, astonishing, beautiful, awe-inspiring and any other superlative you care to mention; LIMBO Up Close is all of it and more.

A genuinely incredible experience that New Plymouth audiences are bound to love. Utterly exceptional in every sense of the word.

LIMBO Up Close is a part of the Spiegel Fest in Taranaki, which runs until December 1. For more information or for tickets visit