Craft tree and Nativity scene at Helen and Don’s Deck the Rooms

Deck the Rooms features eight wonderful New Plymouth people who invite the public into their homes this weekend to share their Christmas spirit. 
Taranaki Community News caught up with homeowners and Christmas lovers Helen and Don Perrin to find out a bit more about their involvement.

What’s your all time favourite thing about Christmas?
Our favourite thing about Christmas is that it is a complete package: the build-up with its excitement and bustle, the imaginings, interrelationships with family and friends, the wafting aromas permeating from the kitchen, the tantalising tastes, the popping of corks in celebration of the joyful occasion, togetherness and reflection of those gone by.

It also doesn’t get any better than watching the excitement and expressions of joy on our grandchildren’s faces when they open their presents, even if it is before the dawn chorus.

You’re opening your home to the public for Deck the Rooms this month. What can people expect when they walk into your house?
Our visitors’ Christmas experience will start from the bottom of our driveway.

On entering our house one will discover an array of festive decorations incorporating commercially manufactured adornments, strategically positioned, to lovingly handcrafted, and beautifully simplistic, arrangements adorning the “craft” tree, all whilst infusing the essences of Christmas through their olfactory senses. 

Homes involved with Deck The Rooms are always filled with such beautiful and interesting things. Do you have a favourite piece in your house, with a great story? 
Our favourite decorative piece would have to be unwrapping and displaying the nativity fire screen that Helen has had for some time. However, what Helen has really enjoyed this year is creating Christmas decorations by recycling and reusing everyday household items.

If you could invite any people from history to your house for Christmas, who would you pick, and why?
 Saint Nicholas. It would be amazing for Saint Nicholas to see how his gift of three socks full of gold coins to a poor family, delivered in the middle of the night, has evolved to what we now know as Christmas.

Billy T James. Christmas is all about festivity, family, reflection, fun and laughter and undoubtedly the presence of Billy T James would add a layer of lighthearted comedy and entertainment.

Why are you involved with Deck the Rooms? What’s special about this event, and what keeps you coming back?
The Women’s Refuge is a much-needed service so it was easy for us to say “yes” when Shona approached us. Being passionate about Christmas, raising money for a very worthy cause and having fun in the process leaves us looking forward to meeting some lovely people on Saturday 16th November.

Deck the Rooms for Refuge
November 16 2019, 9am – 4pm
Eight homes in New Plymouth
Limited tickets now available from for $37.50
Tickets also available in store from Footloose, Trade Aid, Martins Inglewood or Taranaki Women’s Refuge office for $35.00.