Unlashing the talents of O Juliet

Taranaki band O Juliet have spent six months capturing their musical talents and they’re now ready to launch their debut album.

Juliet McLean, Rob Ju, and Hamish Cameron have come together to create their Unlash the Boats, which has now been pressed onto vinyl after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The mesmerising three-piece are celebrating their new album with a launch party this weekend.

McLean says the band had the privilege of working with producer and engineer Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studio in Oakura to create the nine track album.

“We recorded over six months – weekends and evenings, and loved every minute of it,” she says.

“We went into the studio with the intention of using that space as almost a fourth instrument in the band. Exploring all the ideas we had, but which we never had the technology or skill to try. 

“Sam was great in this way – plenty of scope, but he pulled us out of the rabbit hole so we didn’t get too far off course.”

McLean says while at the studio the band toiled over the recording one of their songs, Figured it Out, but it just wasn’t working. 

“So we went for a break, and got in the first take on our return – what you hear on the album is live, complete with the guide vocals. 

“It’s testimony to Sam’s great coffee making skills.”

She says music is something that she has always been a part of her life, and something she will always continue to do.

“It’s the best way I know to understand and untangle who I am. Cheaper than therapy and when I get to make music with such wonderful people it can be a lot of fun also.

“I’m not sure what’s next – I’ll just keep turning up for the muse and seeing what comes of it.

O Juliet
Unlash the Boats album launch
Saturday November 9
Theatre Royal Lounge
TSB Showplace, 7pm
Tickets $10

For more details see the Facebook event page, the band’s Facebook,
or Bandcamp.