Mysterious and mesmerising dance on stage in New Plymouth

A thrilling and epic new dance piece is bursting onto the stage in Taranaki tonight.

From the creative brilliance of Arts Laureate Ross McCormack comes a darkly cinematic new work performed by renowned national dance company, Footnote New Zealand Dance.

The Clearing is a dance-theatre work inspired by the mysterious energy that exists within forests, hollows and hills, and the supernatural stories we tell ourselves about these spaces.

Like a beautifully shot, indie thriller film, The Clearing overflows with vivid imagery and mesmerising performances.

Set against a compelling score by acclaimed sound designer Jason Wright, the occupants of The Clearing are caught, sheltered and threatened within an otherworldly terrain. Here, in this precarious environment, they wrestle with the elements and with each other.

The Clearing also features an epic set designed by McCormack to create an otherworldly terrain where reality exists as a mere whisper, and buzzes with mysterious energy.

The Clearing
Sat Nov 2, 7pm
TSB Showplace
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