Creative forces combine to launch new gallery

The natural world is central to the work of five Taranaki artists who have come together to create a new gallery.

Based at the Tataraimaka Cheese Factory, Lumen Studios and Gallery opened its doors to the public for the first time on Friday night, allowing people a look into the space which is home to five creative studios as well as a healing space run by Corryn Pryce-Baxter.

More than 60 people attended the event where they found out about the vision behind the new business which is set amongst native bush beside the Timaru Stream.

Co-founder Zoe Page said the opening was wonderful and everyone was delighted to share in the celebration. 

”It was a joy to have so many beautiful people come together to celebrate with us.”

The five women co-founders each work out of a studio space at the factory and share a combined vision to hand-make art and objects that reflect their own personal values and portray a wider environmental story. Their works include pottery, collage, felting, weaving and floral art.

Co-founder and collage artist Teresa Goodin said the collective was passionate about creating a inspirational space which held the surrounding environment at its core.

Teresa said Lumen was the Latin word for light and its name was central to the gallery’s wider vision of providing a place for inspiration to unravel.

She said that there were four aspects to the project. The first was to establish artist studios, the second to officially launch the gallery, the third was to create a retail outlet for original and handcrafted works and the fourth to host workshops.

The gallery is currently taking expressions of interest from artists and craftspeople who would like to have exhibitions in the gallery or supply the shop. The gallery’s site is also home to The Fruity Gardener, the Molloy Gallery and a sculpture trail.


Zoë Page has been enjoying flowers and bringing them inside since she could walk. Her creations are made from foraged, cultivated and found flora. After studying at The Learning Connexion, and gaining a love for clay sculpture and life drawing and she is looking forward to creating Murals, Sculpture and Jewellery in her studio in the future.
Janeen Page Potter is an Elam graduate who has been potting for 14 years. She experiments with materials in the natural environment and her gazes are all local, derived from beaches, plant matter, and volcanic remnants.
Carly Edwards is a mother and maker, living in Taranaki. She harvests materials from the bush, roadsides and coastal beaches, combines them with upcycled fabrics and weaves them into objects of textured beauty. Carly loves to bring beauty into the mundane, and the mindful practice of weaving. She is inspired by nature, ritual, the rhythmic cycles of life, and empowered women.
Alice Cowdrey is an Okato-based textile artist who specializes in needle felting. She likes to incorporate different fibres into her work including cat fur, possum fur, human hair and bird feathers. She looks to nature, animals and folk art for inspiration and hopes to tell stories of a mythical past through her larger works.
Teresa Goodin is a collage artist whose formal training is in photography and printmaking. She mostly makes work about pain, love and transcendence and her work is inspired by a alchemy, Buddhist philosophy and the beauty and power of natural world.

Lumen Studios and Gallery, 1729 South Road. The gallery will be open during Labour Weekend from 10am. For more information visit the gallery’s Facebook page, Lumen Studios & Gallery or ring 06 752 4986. The gallery will be open every day during the garden festival.

Words by Alice Cowdrey and main photo by Dominika Zielinska