REVIEW: Serious Happiness’ debut single seriously fun

The bit of Beatlemania collides with The Clash in Serious Happiness’ debut single Suzy Come Home.

The Taranaki-based band start us off with a laid-back summertime rhythm before kicking into an upbeat track reminiscent of 60s rock’n’roll.

Light harmonising and the distinct, punky yet playful lead vocals play off each other for some serious fun, while guitar jangles mix with solid riffs, and a driving drum and bass line to deliver a well rounded track.

Darker, slightly grungier instrumentation overlaid with the tracks lighter elements makes for an intriguing interlude, and showcases a skill for blending music styles, setting expectations for some good things to come.

If it means we can expect more from Serious Happiness, hopefully Suzy stays away for a little longer.

Suzy Come Home
Serious Happiness
Reviewed by Andrew Raynes