Magical Halloween Show promises to trick and treat

Trick or treat? A local magician offers both with a new family-friendly event.

A Halloween-themed magic show is ready to take on Taranaki and the event will “exceed expectations,” says MagicWorks founder Josh Moreland. 

“It’s an hour-long spooky-themed magic show filled with comedy, juggling, puppetry, a wide range of effects, and audience participation,” he says.

Moreland and his partner Hannah Taylor are hosting the inaugural Tricks ‘n’ Treats: A Spooky Family Magic Show in order to spice up seasonal local events.

The couple came up with the idea after a few visits to theme parks in the United States during the late October season.

Moreland says they enjoyed the adult horror mazes and the daytime events for younger children.

“When we got back we started thinking about how we could bring those aspects of the Halloween vibe here,” he says.

“We had also been wanting to put on a show ourselves so we thought Halloween would be a perfect opportunity.”

Moreland, who specialises in quirky entertainment, impressive magic tricks, and engaging kid-friendly comedy, expects the event to provoke bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

“Knowing how children of different ages work, what they find funny, what they understand, really helps me to plan engaging shows for a range of ages,” he says.

“There’s just nothing more satisfying for parents than seeing their children in fits of laughter with that look of pure joy on their face.”

While the pair prep for this weekend’s spectacle, Taylor says they already have plans for next year.

“We want to run two shows – another spooky family-friendly one and a scary, horror-themed one for older audiences.”

The hour-long event is suitable for children aged four to nine, but Taylor says there will be “something for everyone”.

Costumes are encouraged and “some fun surprises” will be revealed on the night, she says.

Tricks ‘n’ Treats: A Spooky Family Magic Show will be held Saturday October 26 at New PLymouth Little Theatre at 6pm. Tickets are $10 and can be booked at: You can visit the event’s Facebook page here.

Words by Brittany Baker