Office Olympics aiming for gold for Taranaki Retreat

Prepare for some hilarious chaos Taranaki, because the Office Olympics are here this week! Taranaki Community News caught up with the lovely Jamie Allen to hear all about the event, and the very worthy cause behind it all – Taranaki Retreat.

Hi Jamie! Taranaki retreat has a pretty cool event coming up called Office Olympics. What are the Office Olympics?
Office Olympics is a unique community wellbeing and fundarising Event… That’s gonna be brilliant and hilarious to come along and watch.

The event is championing those angels who undertake administration as a professional within the offices and businesses of Taranaki – the unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes, who spend their working hours at a screen, and rarely get the credit for the results!

It’s both a fundraiser for a wonderful cause the Taranaki Retreat, which provides support and space to breathe for Taranaki folk going through tough times, and it’s a grueling challenge for some hard-core Taranaki teams.

Each team will face a series of fun tasks and challenges to complete and there will be heaps of music and live entertainment. And in between the events you’ll be inspired and entertained by guest speakers.

That sounds pretty cool. So, what are the kind of sports that will be played on the day?
The events are pretty unserious. But teams will be competing for GOLD! 

There will be paper plane shooting, paper pack weight lifting, cardboard boxing, office biathlon and best of all – office chair curling!!

Office Olympics is fundraising for Taranaki Retreat. For those who don’t know, what is Taranaki Retreat and why is it important? 
Taranaki Retreat is a community initiative whose kaupapa is suicide prevention. We exist to provide a time-out space and outreach support for people facing tough times.

Since we opened in 2017 we’ve worked with more than 3000 people. These are tough times, but there are ALWAYS options. The Retreat is definitely one of those. It’s entirely community funded, and depends on gigs like this to make it all possible!

If you could add any game or sport to the next official Olympics, what would you choose and why?
Personally, I’d choose the “smartphone smash” – combining sledgehammers and technology in one satisfying, decimating, liberating act.

We love ’em, but we hate ’em; we’re their slaves…. and they just aren’t doing us any good at all…..!

Why should people come along to Office Olympics? 
‘Cos it’s going to be a BLAST. It’s something new. There’s live and colourful entertainment, great music, and a unique mix of events.

It’ll be hilarious; a bit crazy, and just such a great opportunity to meet up with others who have a passion for this community of ours… Plus there’s awesome spot prizes, and some fantastic tips and know-how to take away from the night (including how to set up blissful office chaos).

Office Olympics is at the TSB Stadium, Saturday September 7, doors open at 6.30pm, and the action starts at 7pm and runs until 9.30pm. You can register your place at