Scout badges designed in Taranaki wow in West Virginia

Collectable badges designed in Taranaki have made their way around the world.

New Zealand Scouting badges, designed by local design company tgm, have been traded with young people from 160 countries around the world at the 24th World Scout Jamboree held in West Virginia, USA from July 22 through to August 2 2019.

James Rielly-Leadbetter was one of three Scouts from Taranaki making up the 36-strong New Zealand contingent.

“Our New Zealand badges were really sought after, some scouts were able to trade a handful of other countries badges for just one New Zealand one,” he says.

The badges combine a taste of New Zealand with a modern take on scouting.

Contingent Leader NZ Scouts Justin Stewart says he approached fellow Scout Leader Andrea Leadbetter to help create a design for the badges and tee-shirts for the New Zealand contingent to wear as he noticed she was part of a graphic design company.

Taranaki Scouts Chris Hardiger, Noah Pepperell, and James Rielly-Leadbetter

“What her team came up with is amazing – I was impressed with how the design turned out,” he says.

Designer Robyn Morrison says the team were asked to create something contemporary that reflected New Zealand culture.

“The final design featured a black and white stylised kiwi, fern and korus set on a green background,” she says.

The theme for this year’s jamboree was Unlock a New World and it was chosen to reflect the new adventures, cultures and friendships that were shared by Scouts from around the world during the 12-day event.

Tracey Howarth