REVIEW: Sonic Delusion’s upbeat music perfect for a roadtrip

Album review
Anything Goes
By Sonic Delusion
Reviewed by Andrew Raynes

Sonic Delusion’s latest album is like a summer roadtrip.

This 10-track tour of tone and technique is filled with hints of country, folk, funk, calypso, synthetic and acoustic music.

The title track Anything Goes immediately sets the breezy, upbeat, yet easy going feel of the album, which is just as suitable for chilling on the beach as it is for singing at the top of your voice, arm out the window, on the way there.

A series of clear, catchy, and easy-to-bounce-to melodies follow, with plenty of interest offered through the layering of tracks and vocals, and a variety of voice and synth techniques. Changes in pace lull the listener into a false sense of security before having you up and dancing again.

The tracks, while being distinct, relate well to each other, achieving a cohesiveness through pacing and an overall sense of lightness. This lightness is flavoured with contrasts, which keeps things fresh while avoiding being jarring. The melding of these aspects helps to make this album greater than the sum of its parts.

Highlights include Mumma Please and Hey Trouble with their funky bass lines, and the more mellow and acoustic Do or Die.

With each track weighing in at around three minutes with a generally upbeat pace, it feels as though the time to head home comes around quickly.

The more gently paced and acoustic flavoured Do or Die and Moments in Time let us go gently. It is a bittersweet goodbye – sad to go but looking forward to the next one!

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