New zero waste bins for New Plymouth

Homes around New Plymouth will soon have two new bins to help the district with its zero waste goals.

From mid-August NPDC will start delivering landfill and food scraps bins to all properties in the collection area, replacing the red rubbish bags.

NPDC’s manager of resource recovery Kimberley Hope says the new four-bin service begins on the week starting September 30, and is a part of the council’s Zero Waste 2040 journey.

“We’ll be going suburb by suburb with the bin deliveries so don’t worry if you haven’t got your bins in the first few weeks – they’ll be coming,” she says.

The landfill and food scraps bins will help the community work towards zero waste by cutting down the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

Currently, about 40 per cent of residential rubbish bags is food waste, but the food scraps collection will enable that waste to be turned into useful compost.

When the new collection starts on September 30 the food scraps bin will be collected weekly. The landfill, recycling and glass bins will be collected every fortnight: glass and landfill bins one week, recycling the next.

About $21 million was set aside for the Zero Waste 2040 journey by councillors in 2018 after the idea proved popular with the public and attracted more than 3000 supporting submissions.

Hope says households should keep using their red bags until Friday September 27. After that, any leftover bags can be taken to the Civic Centre in New Plymouth or your local library for reuse by community groups or recycling.

“We don’t want piles of excess plastic bags going into the landfill bin. You could either use them one by one as a bin liner, or get them back to us so we can make sure they have a useful second life.”

The red plastic bags won’t be picked up at the kerbside after 27 September.

  • More information about bin delivery dates and how to use the new collection system is online at Also, a collection calendar and information booklet will be delivered with the bins.