Dancing his way through Priscilla

Hamish Phillips has his dancing shoes ready for the hit Broadway musical, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Taranaki Community News caught up with Hamish to find out why this show is a must-see.

Hey Hamish! It’s not long until Priscilla opens! Are the nerves starting to set in yet?
I am nervous for certain scenes that involve complex choreography, a super fast change or a large costume, but the support that I get from the cast and crew makes these issues much easier. It helps me to feel confident and safe on stage.

Priscilla must be such a fun show to work on. What are you loving about it?
Yes it is a fun show! I am loving the community that NPOS has created with this show. Being in the company is almost like a family. With all of the hard work and love shared during this season by members of the society and the public it really shows the efforts to support the LGBT community here in Taranaki.

Can you tell us about your characters? 
Being in this show really tests my diversity when performing, as I am fortunate enough to play several different roles. Each scene means new characters and new challenges. 

If you were a drag queen what would your drag name be? 
According to Rum and Monkeys online test call me Miss Drag Out.

What do you get up to when you’re not on the stage? 
When I’m not on stage I am still dancing (that never stops for some reason). I love music – both playing it and listening to it. I spend most of my time training in contemporary dance, but when I’m not dancing I put most of my time into my Wellington based contemporary dance company HAMEC.

Why should people come along to Priscilla?
Because it is hilarious, bizarre and completely out of New Plymouth’s norm. I personally feel people should regularly step out of their comfort zone and this show has it all.