Taranaki youngsters in the spotlight for Annie

A troupe of talented Taranaki children will soon hit the stage in the award winning Broadway musical Annie.

Hawera Repertory Society’s production of the beloved show opens next week with two vibrant young performers taking on the title role.

Niamh O’Sullivan and Brenna Johnson share the role of Annie and between them lead a team of 18 youngsters on stage, supported by a cast and crew of about 100 people.

The Annie team are ready for a great season. PHOTO CREDIT: Ross Glover

Nine-year-old Niamh says she has loved every moment of the rehearsals and is enjoying being part of a large cast. 

Her favourite part of being in the show is getting to hang out with her mum Karen, who is also in the cast.

Fellow Annie, Brenna is no stranger to the Hawera stage and says Hawera Memorial Theatre is one of her favourite places in the world.


Brenna is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the role to life and says she is also excited to be performing alongside her mum Deb Thomas.

She says she loves to tell people, “My mum is pretending to be a person, who’s pretending to be my mum.”

Brenna and Niamh aren’t the only ones in the spotlight, and Sandy the dog takes a starring role.


Director Shaun Campbell found his canine actor in New Plymouth and says Sandy has been working hard and only requires a few treats and his own toilet.

He is thrilled with how well the cast and crew have worked to bring the family-friendly musical to life and says he can’t wait for audiences to enjoy the show.

The show features all of the hit songs Annie is well known for, including Hard Knock Life, and Tomorrow.