Help available to stay warm and dry this winter

There’s snow on Mt Taranaki, winter is just around the corner, and NPDC’s Home Energy Scheme is heating up.

NPDC can help ratepayers to heat or insulate their homes to keep the cold weather at bay. Ratepayers may be eligible to apply for up to $5000 for clean heat products (such as a heat pump) or $2600 for installing insulation, paying this back through their rates.

NDPC chief financial officer Joy Buckingham says paying for expensive items like a heat pump can be difficult so NPDC tries to make it easier with the Home Energy Scheme.

“Many homes aren’t warm enough or have poor insulation so give us a call and we’ll see if the scheme can work for you to get your house warm and dry this winter,” she says.

To qualify, residents need to be ratepayers, be up to date with rates and pay by direct debit. For help with insulation, your home has to have been built before 2000 and your home must be insulated properly to qualify for assistance to pay for water heating and clean heat products.

To find out if you qualify for the scheme, you can call the council on 06 759 6060 or visit their website.

NPDC works with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to bring the scheme to ratepayers. EECA can also fund heating and insulation through grants for those with a Community Services Card or SuperGold card.

The Government has allocated $142 million over four years for insulation and heating grants. To find out if you are eligible free phone 0800 749 782 to talk to EECA Energywise or use the eligibility tool on their website.