Making money from your music

Taranaki musicians have been given the scoop on how to make money from their music.

Last week Taranaki musos, band managers and self managed artists packed into a seminar led by some of the music industry’s top agencies and executives.

They heard from Teresa Patterson from NZ Music Managers Forum, Dean Cameron from Recorded Music NZ, Andy Low from DRM, Victoria Kelly from APRA and artist Tana Tupai.

Kelly explained to the crowd of creatives that each artist can potentially benefit from two streams of income: music creation – composing and writing lyrics, and music recording –  performing the music piece.

She also explained that copyright is automatic in New Zealand, which means music is intellectual property protected by law from the moment of creation.

However, Cameron stressed that ownership of music could sometimes be problematic.

He said many performing groups fell apart because they did not have an initial agreement on how to share the income, so the more income that comes in, the more frustrated band members get.

He suggested all musician register with national agencies so they can get shares if their music is played on radio stations, or in supermarkets or cafes, at concerts or is covered by other artists.

Tomorrow People artist Tana Tupai answered many questions and assured the audience that self managed artists or groups could be successful.

“Artists should consider themselves small business with all the strategy, planning, finances and marketing involved,” he said.

All the speakers agreed that marketing to the correct audience is a crucial part of success for musicians.

Jack Irving from community radio station The Most FM commented on the speeches the next day and encouraged artists to create an online following, perform live shows and vlog to helps create a loyal fanbase.

He says that his radio station has at least hour per week of dedicated broadcasting featuring local artists.

Words and photo by Olena Williams.