Around the world in one tablecloth

Instead of keeping a diary Sylvie Robert embroiders her travels on a tablecloth.

Sylvie, who is from Switzerland and now lives in New Plymouth, has taken the tablecloth around the world with her, filling it with messages as she goes.

The tablecloth consists of several sections, each corresponding to a trip or to a certain area of the world. 

Wherever she goes Sylvie asks the locals to sign or draw on the tablecloth and then in her spare time she uses her embroidery skills to go over the pencil or pen marks.

Messages and names written in many languages decorate the item, which Sylvie says is not an art object, but rather a fully functional tablecloth.

She uses the well travelled creation as a tablecloth for special events with her friends and family.

Recently Sylvie brought the tablecloth to share with her friends in the Migrant Women Meet group.

The multicultural audience was in awe of the stories, and the artefact that brought those stories to life.

The tablecloth was the centre of attention at a recent Migrant Women Meet event

Migrant Women Meet is a community group with more than 350 members from 60 different countries. Members meet every Tuesday at 11am in the community lounge of Puke Ariki Library to catch up and connect over a cup of tea.

You can follow Migrant Women Meet on Facebook.

Words and pictures by Olena Williams.