Seriously talented musicians working on first EP

Kayleb Duckett, Joel Ruys, Sam Egli, and Stu Tullett are Serious Happiness. Taranaki Community News caught up with the band to find out who they’d jam with if they could turn back time.

Serious Happiness is a great name. Who is in the band and how did you guys get together?
Kayleb left his job at NASA, Sam just left intermediate, Stu was living in the bushes and Joel was samurai slicing poachers in Kenya. We got together because we love playing guitar. We all play a bit of each instrument in the band and so we have to swap instruments to accommodate each others songs.

What’s your music about?
Our music is sometimes about us and sometimes about you. We get inspired by the things we see and do. There is a pukeko in our backyard and sometimes you break up with a person or your dog dies.

Some of your music is a bit quirky, and has a bit of an early Beatles feel. Are there artists whose style you just love?  
We love the Beatles. I think a lot of the similarity comes out in the fact that we are four boys with strong personalities singing and playing together. We like Bob Marley, ACDC, Frank Zappa, The Band, Joni Mitchell and The Beach Boys.

Have you all been playing music for a long time?
Our parents are all musicians and so music was a natural path for us from a young age.

If Serious Happiness could have a jam session with three musicians from history, who would you guys pick and what would the session be like?
It would be James Jameson, who played bass on lots of old school Motown albums. Biggie Smalls and Stu wants to jam with Van Gogh because he probably played piano. 

What are the plans for Serious Happiness? An EP, world domination, or to just be seriously happy?
We are working ardently on recording our first EP with Sam Johnson over at Rhythm Ace Studio in Oakura so keep your ears peeled. We want to be like our local heroes Gumboot Tango!

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