Hair today, brows tomorrow

Nicky Gibbons would love to give the Queen some new eyebrows and turn back time and style David Bowie’s hair. Taranaki Community News caught up with her to hear all about microblading, hairdressing and her cute dog Toby.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name’s Nicky Gibbons, I’m 27 years old. I’m currently the owner of two businesses. My first baby – Meraki Hair Collective, and the latest edition – Meraki Lash & Brow Co where I also operate my cosmetic tattooing business – Brows by Nicky.

I was 25 when when I started Meraki Hair Collective in 2017, which was such a terrifying and amazing year. We have been open more than two years now and I have never looked back. I had always wanted to have my own salon right from being an apprentice and have worked my butt off ever since to make that happen.

Nicky loves creating a range of blonde hair

I moved to New Plymouth when I was 17 with my family and have fallen in love with this cool city, there are so many inspiring people and businesses to keep the creative minds pumping.

I currently have a little sidekick called Toby (Bichon x Poodle) he’s my little fluff ball and quite often makes an appearance at the salon. I think the clients love him more than me!

You do a lot of microblading. What is this and how did you get into it?Microblading is a form eyebrow cosmetic tattooing that replicates natural hair strokes, creating fuller but natural looking brows.

In recent years microblading has been in hot demand

I got into microblading while I lived in Melbourne. I’ve been cosmetic tattooing for about four years now.

I’m one of these people that can’t sit still for too long, I’m always looking for something more. So when I came across a cosmetic tattooing academy near me in Melbourne I was off! I had always been looking for an extra service to be able to offer if I had my own salon one day and I really found a passion for creating brows.

What’s your favourite hair trend at the moment?
If anyone’s seen my work you would know I’m all about blondes! I like mixing it up and keeping things interesting with different toners for blonde – anything from pastels to metallic tones.

Experimenting with toners on blonde is one of Nicky’s fav things to do

I’m also obsessing over big chunky braids right now. I love the texture they create in a hairstyle!

What’s something you wish everyone knew about hair care?
Please regularly trim your hair! Even just (what we call) “invisible trims”. Unfortunately we don’t get a choice whether we get split ends or not, so regular trims (every 6-8 weeks) maintain healthy ends and stop split ends splitting higher and higher and eventually just snapping off.

Your hair doesn’t grow because you’re allowing it to snap faster than it can grow back. We always get regrowth don’t we? Be kind to your hair always, it deals with a lot.

If you could do the hair or brows of any celebrity, who would it be and what would you do?
I would have LOVED to work on the late David Bowie’s hair back in his prime! Such cool hair colours and styles. I definitely enjoy bright colours.

Also, I’d love to give the Queen some new brows. Unfortunately as we age we can lose our brows. Poor Elizabeth hasn’t escaped this, plus new brows can be very youthful too.

Nicky and Toby

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