Live your best life with feminine leadership

Leadership is sometimes about softness, businesswoman Ingrid Vercammen says.

“Not being a bad ass and fighting, but be like Gandhi and his gentle way of trusting, inspiring, listening and encouraging to bring the best out in people,” Vercammen says.

“That’s a very nice way to shift things.”

The Taranaki woman is the co-owner and former CEO of Van Dyck Fine Foods and she began her foray into promoting females in leadership with Women Beyond Ordinary, a panel discussion held on International Women’s Day last year.

She held other panel talks in July and November and will being doing so again this year to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019.

In a precursor to this, in April she will present You Go Girl!, a seminar that goes straight to the heart of feminine leadership.

“I want to teach women how to become better female leaders.

“I’m going to talk about how to avoid mistakes that female leaders make that keep them depleted, anxious and insecure.

Ingrid Vercammen

“It’s so important that someone believes in you. Live your best life and learn to eliminate what is holding you back. ”

Vercammen, who has provided training sessions for the Belgium Government, hopes the people who come to the seminar will be interested in doing a course with her.

“I want to do it globally – when you can engage with people all over the world you can move ahead quite a bit better.

“I think women have to celebrate the female movements. You make a ripple and ripples change the world.”

The You Go Girl! presentation will also give people the chance to find out about Vercammen and her life, which began with the smell of gold dust in Belgium, and continues through to the aroma of freshly baked pancakes and hotcakes in New Plymouth.

You Go Girl! is on at the Len Lye Centre theatre at 7pm on April 10. For more information visit